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Excavating for Drainage 

Footing Drains

are drains that keep your basement dry. These drains are specifically leveled with the top of the foundation footing, and are surrounded with washed stone and covered with a layer of filter fabric. Water that seeps down alongside your foundation is caught by this drain, and is removed with a pitch pipe that may or may not lead into into a drainage system. This is a consequential drain and plays a large part in keeping your basement dry.

Leader Drains

Leader drainpipes are used to catch the water that disperses from your gutters, into a pipe that is installed around the perimeter of your house. This pipe is pitched from highest to lowest into an area where a water detention system is created, in order to allow the rainwater to dissipate. 

French/Curtain Drain

A curtain drain, is a trench filled with washed stone also containing a perforated pipe. These materials are place in the trench in order to change the direction of the surface water and groundwater. This trench has a sloped bottom underground, where stone is placed on top. This allows water to seep from the ground creating an underground stream resulting in a dry yard. French drains are a bit different. This is different in the fact that there is a perforated hollow pipe, along the bottom that allows the water to seep down through the washed stone. This is the best way to collect surface water as well as ground water to dry up a yard. 

Grate Drain/ Catch Basin 

is a curbside drain where its main property is to collect water. They are units that have a cast iron or plastic grate on the top, with a concrete or plastic unit on the bottom. These units are normally placed in front of garage doors, buildings or on your everyday street.


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